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2019-2020 SRVHS Student Registration


  • Have your Student ID number(s) ready BEFORE you start Future Fund online registration.
  • Complete Future Fund online registration between August 1st - August 12th BEFORE your student comes to school to take their ID photo. 
    • This is your opportunity to buy ASB cards, donate to educational departments, pre-purchase yearbooks, support our Booster Groups, and add your name to the school directory.
  • Print out your Future Fund online registration receipt and give it to your student BEFORE they come to school to take their student ID photo.
    • Your student(s) need your Future Fund receipt for proof of purchase on the ASB package. 
  • For the Activity Form(s) you will have to fill out your portion and then enter your student's email to have them complete the document.


  • You must attend one of the Student ID Photos sessions listed below in order to get your SRVHS student ID card before school begins on August 13th.
  • Please bring your Future Fund online registration receipt with you when you take your student ID photo. We need it for proof of purchase on the ASB package.