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Extended Study Hours

The Library is open after school for individual or small group studying until 4:00pm, every Monday - Thursday. 

Questions? Please contact Mr. White at 

Academic Support

Peer Tutoring

Getting academic support from another student is a great way to improve grades, and to understand the material well. We pair you with someone who feels confident about a particular subject area.

If you wish to be tutored, fill out the the Tutoring Form.

After filling out this form, please wait for an email in 1-2 days.

Please fill out the online peer tutoring contract before your first meeting with your Peer Tutor.

For any questions or concerns, email

Become a Peer Tutor!

Do you enjoy helping others? Would you be willing to help your peers learn a subject that you know well?

By becoming a Peer Tutor, you can help others excel in school while gaining experience, as well as earn CSF, NHS, and SRSA community service points. It can also be counted as volunteer experience and can teach important leadership skills!

If you would like to apply to become a Peer Tutor, please complete the Peer Tutoring Form
Affter School Support Labs

Time: 3:30 to 4:30pm

2018/19 SVHS Labs Begin Week of September 10, 2018

After School Support Labs
Days of the Week Department Subject Teacher Room


Science Biology Tretten S2 Lab
Monday Science Chemistry Henderson S3
Monday Science Physics Robison R40
Tuesday Math All Levels Heupel R5
Wednesday  Math  A1E1 to AP Calc BC Various Math Teachers D206
Wednesday World Language  Spanish Velasquez R10
Thursday English Language Arts All Levels Wingler D101