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Athletic Funding

High school athletics in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District are mostly “self-funded”. The athletic programs do not receive funding for equipment, uniforms, transportation, officials, or most coaching stipends. As such, participation donations help fund these valuable programs. We encourage all interested students to try out for athletic teams and participation in athletic programs is not dependent on financial donations.  Donations are pooled to provide the most robust program to all students equally, regardless of ability to donate. The program will be adjusted according to the final donations received. All donations are appreciated. 

Donations cover major operating costs of our athletic budget which includes: coaching salaries, officials, equipment, supervision/security, facility, upgrades, first aid supplies, CIF, NCS & EBAL fees and various general expenses to operate our athletic dept. The suggested donations amounts for each sport are presented in an itemized budget at a parent/player orientation meeting at the beginning of the season.  All donations are appreciated.