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Athletic PE

Athletic PE is offered to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders only. Please Note - Seniors are strongly discouraged from utilizing Athletic P.E. during the Spring season of sports. Seniors who are unable to fulfill the hours required for any reason, i.e. injury will be unable to fulfill the graduation requirement. This program is for highly organized, independent, and responsible SRVHS student/athletes and is solely initiated and maintained by the student throughout their season of sport. Athletic PE is only available to those students that compete in East Bay Athletic League sports offered by San Ramon Valley High School.
Note: Cheer and Pom do not qualify for APE as these programs do not compete within the East Bay Athletic League. 
Competitive Sport Cheer does qualify
Athletic PE gives students 10 credits of PE  for participating in at least 75 hours of an SRVHS/EBAL sport.
2018-19 Start of Season Application Deadline
FALL: July 30th- football
Aug. 13- all other sports
August 31st
WINTER: October 29th
November 16th
SPRING: January 28th
February  15th
Athletic PE Steps:
  1. Pick-up application from the Athletic Director ( near attendance office)
  2. Turn in your completed application along with a printed class schedule to the Athletic Director, in the attendance office the by application deadline.
  3. You will receive a time card from the Athletic Director
  4. The head coach must sign your time card weekly
  5. The athletic director must sign your time card every two weeks
  6. Turn in your time card with at least 75 hours of activity to the Athletic Director at the conclusion of your season.
  • Failure to get your time card signed or falsifying your time card will result in being dropped from the program.
  • If you are in a fall or winter sport that overlaps into the next season the packet is still due by the deadline.
  •  Sports that do not practice 5 days a week may not provide enough hours to receive credit.
  • Please see the contract below for review.