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Competitive Cheer

Stunt is a new and exciting sport that is derived from the athletic skills of traditional cheerleading. It combines stunting, jumps and tumbling. Crowd leading is removed. The crowd is there to cheer for you!

2019 Varsity Stunt Team

Emma Adlman

Kelly Anderson

Sophia Bareiss

Cassidy Buckley

Lauren Campos

Jenna Cerruti

Kaia Chapman

Nikki Chin

Jillian Corsa

Madison DiMaggio

Karlee Edelman

Izzy Favorito

Cali Forlenza

Kelsey Gerrior

Reilly Heitt

Gia Kirkland

Alyssa Kues

Tori Lucht

Lexi Materazo

Alyssa Mayer

Kate Psomas

Ashlyn Pulver

Kate Santich

Camryn Schuyler

Jenny Sykes

Katelyn Smith

Sam Tchejeyan

Georgia Westgate


Please check your email for videos and begin learning the routines. Practice is Monday at 6:30pm.


Laurie Cecaci

Cheer Coach