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Gold Members

Gold Members 21-22

We would like to thank the following families for their Gold Membership in support

of the Athletic Boosters and all our amazing athletes.

 THANK YOU You are what makes SRVHS Great!

Patrice  Konigsberg

Roger   Graham

Teri        Chilton

Doris     Paul Mendoza

Teri       Newton

Arnold  Magcale

Victoria Longstreet

Jeremy  Soine

Melissa Larson

Nancy   Daetz

Kelly      Decker

Carrie    Quigley

Carrie    Doyle

Carrie    Archer

Sarah    Carpenter

Paul   Chen

Stacie    Jessee

Gina      Nicholson

Jennifer Salisbury

Teresa   Huang

Robin    Heuer

Michelle  Higgins

Tiffany  Tom

Kristi     Rhodes

Juliana  Coleman

Paul      Mora

Heidi     Ridley

Tim       Moroney

Jill          Tripaldi

Darlene Baker

John      Skidmore

Judy      Zdanowicz






Purchase Gold Membership - $500

Donation - $50 / $100 / $150 / 200 / Other


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SRVHS Athletic Boosters is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization

Tax ID# 94-3024536