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Gold Members

Gold Members 2019 -20

We would like to thank the following families for their Gold Membership in support of Athletic Boosters.


Carol Arbogast 

Peter Arbogast 

Brent Bowman 

Julie Bowman 

Beverly Briar 

Keith Briar 

Lew Carpenter 

Sarah Carpenter 

Elissa Carter 

Steve Carter 

Chris Catterton 

Heidi Corkern 

matt corkern 

Jen Curran 

Mike Curran 

Courtney Dettlinger 

Steve Dettlinger 

Joe Drucker 

Katy Drucker 

Leslie Knight 

Brenda Kuehnle 

Kale Kuehnle 

Amy Lee Tingey 

Chris McClaughry 

Mark Merhab 

Kerry Moroney 

Tim Moroney 

Elisabeth Morris 

Peter Morris 

Amy Parker 

Elizabeth Penn 

Paul Penn 

Carrie Quigley 

Don Quigley 

Joshua Reding 

Kindall Reding 

David Salisbury 

Kathy Salisbury 

Jennifer Salisbury 

Jim Salisbury 

Catherine Santich 

Jenn Soine 

Brian Stephenson 

Cadi Stephenson 

Cynthia Stephenson 

Tanner Tingey 

Steve Van Wart


Purchase Gold Membership - $500

Donation - $50 / $100 / $150 / 200 / Other


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SRVHS Athletic Boosters is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization

Tax ID# 94-3024536