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Mission & SLOs

Core Values & Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's)

The school provides an education that fosters the intellectual, physical, and social development of each student. Our strong tradition of excellence stems from a dedicated staff, responsible students, committed parents, and active community partners. Through a comprehensive system of support programs, San Ramon Valley High School's Core Values are:

SRVHS believes that a meaningful education is a shared responsibility involving students, staff, family and community. We value a safe, inclusive, and academically rigorous environment, where students will have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential as ethical, resilient, and innovative global citizens.

The school’s staff works to ensure that all students will be successful, whether they are entering the workforce directly after graduation or they are enrolling in institutions of higher learning. Over 99% of our students graduate and 98% continue their formal education at two-year and four-year colleges. Roughly 74% of the graduates enrolled at a four-year college, and 24% of the graduates enrolled in a two-year college. The remaining students enlisted in the military or joined the workforce. The school’s vision is to produce graduates who will reflect the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's).

SRVHS Student Learning Outcomes:  

  1. San Ramon Valley High School students will demonstrate proficiency in curricular knowledge and essential skills.
  2. San Ramon Valley High School students will demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.
  3. San Ramon Valley High School students will demonstrate integrity, personal responsibility, and citizenship.
  4. San Ramon Valley High School students will demonstrate inclusivity, empathy, and compassion within their community.