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Student Parking

SRVHS Parking Information: 2019 - 2020

Permit Requirements

Student Parking Permits are for on-campus student parking 

All drivers must have a non-provisional driver’s license and have completed the SRVUSD Start Smart program (Pending Shelter-In-Place regulations)  The student must bring their Start Smart certificate of completion to purchase a pass.  A parking sticker will only be given to students once they have a non-provisional permit; please see the FAQs below.


Please submit student information via Google Survey. Please do not wait until the last minute! 




You must also show a valid drivers license and proof that you completed the Start Smart drivers education requirement (Pending Shelter-In-Place regulations)


*Students are prohibited from the parking lots during brunch and lunch.  This action may result in loss or suspension of parking pass. *



Permit Cost

$200 Per Year  Students in carpool are encouraged to share cost of permit




Parking Rules and Violations of Parking Policy

Parking Rules

  • Each vehicle must have a 2020-2021 permit sticker visible on the car.
  • All vehicles must be parked in assigned student stalls. Parking in staff spaces, fire lanes, on sidewalks, in driveways or dirt areas will result in a citation.
  • Vehicles may not display any offensive symbols, signs or words.
  • All campus parking lots will be randomly monitored throughout the school year. If a car is found not to have the appropriate Parking permit, the following consequences may be administered:
    • First offense: Warning, parents contacted.
    • Second offense: Detention for the driver, parents contacted.
    • Third offense: Suspension of permit for a month for the violating driver(s), parents contacted.
    • Fourth offense: Suspension of permit for semester for the violating driver(s), parents contacted.


Drivers violating any school, district, or county law will be cited accordingly. Vehicles parked on campus are subject to search. If any prohibited items are found in a student’s car, the following parking consequences will be enforced alongside other administrative actions.

  • First offense: Removal of item(s) from vehicle, parent will be contacted.
  • Second offense: Removal of item(s) from vehicle, suspension of permit for semester.

Students must obey all parking/driving rules and school officials. Drivers are not to drive off-campus at any time during school hours without a valid sign-out pass. Unsafe driving includes (but is not limited to) speeding, laying rubber, cutting off other drivers, driving in the wrong lane or in the opposite direction of traffic.  This includes driving behavior on or around campus.

  • First offense: Suspension of permit for two weeks and after school detention.
  • Second offense: Suspension of permit for remainder of the semester and may have further consequences.

Parking permits are the property of the school and are issued to the student for the privilege of parking on the school campus. Permits that are transferred, copied, sold, or otherwise given to other students to use, the permit will be forfeited. Consequences may include detention, suspension, and/or conference with parents.


Permit Replacement

Permit replacement will cost $25 per semester. It may take several weeks to investigate the location of a missing permit. During this time, the student will not be allowed to park on campus. All vehicles are subject to search while parked on public school property.

San Ramon Valley High School is not responsible for theft, loss, or damaged property for cars parked on campus. Please do not use your vehicle as a locker. Ticketing of all school lots will begin the first day of school.


Parking FAQs

1.) Can a junior/Sophomore obtain a parking pass?

Yes.  If you have a valid driver's license, you are eligible for a parking pass.


2.) What about a provisional driver’s license?

One driver MUST have a non-provisional driver’s license by the first day of school. After that, a parking permit sticker will only be issued to students with non-provisional licenses. For example, Bob, Jane, and Sue are carpooling together. Bob has a driver’s license, Jane is provisional ending in October, and Sue is provisional ending in January. Bob will get a permit sticker allowing him to park on campus immediately. Jane will receive one in October, so she can start helping to drive, and Sue will get a sticker in January. The school is not responsible for students violating CA driving laws.


3) Smart Start classes are delayed because of the COVID-19 Crisis.  How do I take the class?

This situation is ever-changing and we will update you as we receive more information about Smart Start classes.  This will not impede students' opportunity to register for a pass. Please check the SRVUSD Smart Start page for more details


4) My child will not be able to take their driving test until later in the year.  Can I still purchase a parking pass now and have them pick it up when they pass the test?

Unfortunately, no.  Students may only register for parking passes if they have a valid non-provisional license.  


5) My student drives more than one car to campus.  Can I obtain more parking permits to put on various cars?

Unfortunately, no.  We only provide students with one valid parking pass.  If another car is parked on campus they must obtain a daily parking pass from the attendance office.  Failure to do so may result in ticketing.


Because of the COVID-19 crisis, there are many questions that we will not be able to answer as the situation evolves.  Please check back as often as possible for updates.  As information becomes available we will update the webpage with up-to-date information.