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    Student Parking

    Parking Pass ELIGIBILITY Requirements:

    1.  Must be an CURRENT 10th - 12th grade SRVHS student 

    2.  Must possess a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance 

    3.  MUST have completed the SRVUSD Start Smart program 

    4.  In good standing with the school (no outstanding fees)

    5.  Agreement to Rules & Regulations (Signature Form on file with student and guardian signatures)

    * Students who violate the parking lot rules and regulations could be subject to law enforcement citation and/or school consequences which might include loss of parking pass privilege. 

    Parking Pass Cost: $200 Per Year

    ** Please note, there are no refunds for parking passes. Please ensure that you are ELIGIBLE for a pass before purchasing one. 


    Parking Pass application & details are embedded in the slides below. Please click through for the links↓↓↓

    Please review these parking lot and parking pass rules & regulations