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Karen Bonnar

Ms. Bonnar-Hathaway's Website

Welcome to San Ramon Valley's English department! I am blessed to teach at SRV; I have been here for the past 15 years and I have been grown tremendously. I work with incredibly intelligent and capable colleagues who challenge and share my enthusiasm for the literary arts. 


I live in San Jose with my husband, beautiful daughter and toddler son. Cycling is probably one of my greatest joys; climbing and descending Mt. Diablo never stops thrilling me! I also enjoy reading, both for pleasure and for work. There are typically 3-4 books on my night table and purse/satchel as well as a journal and a few good pens. I read and I write. I find it calming. 


I also love nature and I do better when outdoors. Truckee and Bodega Bay are long-time favorite getaways. As John Muir once wrote, the salt air heals body and soul. I agree. 


I work predominantly with the Advanced English 10 program and with AP Lit students. I taught Juniors for my first decade here, a film class for five years and freshmen for 15 years! Each age and each grade level bring new questions, fresh ideas and burgeoning creativity and hope.


I am excited for the new year ahead and to work with our Wolfpack, families and students alike. It is indeed a good life.