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SRVUSD Homework Policy

In an effort to reduce student stress and respond to the evolving instructional practices, SRVUSD convened a committee of teachers, students, parents and school administrators to recommend updates to SRVUSD homework policy and regulation. The committee considered and made changes related to:


-Limiting the overall volume of homework;

-Eliminating homework over breaks;

-Developing a more effective system for communicating and implementing the policy; and

-Aligning with the Common Core State Standards and other legal requirements.


On June 23, 2015, the SRVUSD Board of Education adopted a new Homework/Make-Up Work Board Policy and Administrative Regulation. To view the Board Policy and Administrative Regulation in their entirety, scan the adjacent QR code or click on the link: 



Grade Level Guidelines High School

1. TOTAL homework assignments shall be no more than 2 hours per course per week and no more than 30 minutes per night per course.

All work including weekend assignments, long-term assignments and projects that require work outside of the classroom shall be included in this time frame. Weekend homework, if assigned, shall not exceed 30 minutes per course.

2. In order to coordinate due dates and balance the workload, departments will collaborate with each other and be aware of long-term projects/assignments and major tests in all curricular areas.

3. Project-based assignments are designed to reinforce Common Core State Standards, promote collaboration and independent thinking. Long-term assignments and projects that require work outside of the classroom shall be limited in number and duration. Some portions of projects may be assigned as homework; however, these tasks shall not require significant assistance from parents or the purchase of materials. Long-term assignments and projects shall include clear checkpoints to monitor progress toward completion. Instruction HOMEWORK/MAKEUP WORK AR 6154(c)

4. Some elective classes such as, but not limited to, drama, speech and debate, and music, will require additional time.

5. Advanced Placement, Honors, and Advanced courses may require more extensive homework. These courses are exempt from other time and break restrictions as prescribed in this policy. 

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