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Alison Speckels

Español 2 & 3 - Señora Speckels

What to do to have better test scores.

1. Use your text book, go to the Chapter we are doing (example: Capíitulo 1A) and complete the practice activities. You can take a screen shot or bring written answers to me and we can go over questions. 

2. Use the online practice activities from the book. We did some of these before in the comp. lab. Here is the website, just find the chapter that we are currently doing: Capitulo 3 A. And do the practice activities.

3. Re-do all the warm ups before a test. You have the answers for all the Raidamentes and can re-do them then look and see if your answers are right. A lot of these questions are on the tests.

4. Re-do home work sheets.  Go on school loop and print them again and practice then check your answers.

5. Make quick meeting appointments with me to go over tricky material or just practice more. It could be for just 10 minutes. I am available A Period, brunch, lunch, after school.

Course Policies and Agreement Letter

Please see my locker for the course policies and agreement letter to sign. It was also emailed out and is in the locker under Course Policies.



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