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Staff Directory

Contact Ken Abrams  Ken Abrams (925) 552-3041 Choral Director
Contact Paul Aburrow  Paul Aburrow Economics Teacher
Contact Kirsten Agostino  Kirsten Agostino English Teacher
Contact Krystin Alcaraz  Krystin Alcaraz Office Manager/Principal's Assistant - Sys Admin
Contact Lillian Amos  Lillian Amos Special Education Para
Contact Caitlyn Annas  Caitlyn Annas Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Julie Arotzarena  Julie Arotzarena Health Teacher
Contact Yvonne Awai  Yvonne Awai Autism Specialist Para
Contact Aaron Becker  Aaron Becker PE Teacher/Football Coach
Contact Michele Bellamy  Michele Bellamy Financial Analyst
Contact Melissa Bergstedt  Melissa Bergstedt Counselor (last names NAS-SOL)
Contact Alan Bird  Alan Bird Math Teacher
Contact John Blake  John Blake Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Karen Bonnar  Karen Bonnar English Teacher
Contact Brian Botteen  Brian Botteen Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Sarah Bowers  Sarah Bowers French/Spanish Teacher
Contact Carli Braden  Carli Braden English Teacher
Contact Sherna Budhabhatti  Sherna Budhabhatti Math Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Elizabeth Burke  Elizabeth Burke Art Teacher/VAPA Department Chair
Contact Don Busboom  Don Busboom Social Studies Teacher/Soccer Coach
Contact Jessica Carvalheira  Jessica Carvalheira Social Studies Teacher
Contact Sharon Castellanos  Sharon Castellanos Teacher
Contact Klington Chang  Klington Chang Math Teacher
Contact Leah Chole  Leah Chole English Teacher
Contact Chad Cochran  Chad Cochran Teacher / Emperor Of Technology / Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
Contact SRVUSD Communications  SRVUSD Communications Sys Admin
Contact Nancy Conti  Nancy Conti Counselor (last names DAV-IO)
Contact Gene Csider  Gene Csider Science Teacher
Contact Murali Cummaragunta  Murali Cummaragunta CSA, Sys Admin
Contact Preet Dalziel  Preet Dalziel Computer Science/Math Teacher
Contact Jeffrey Davis  Jeffrey Davis Social Studies Teacher
Contact Penelope Davis  Penelope Davis Science Teacher
Contact Kirsten Drake  Kirsten Drake Counselor (last names SOM-Z)
Contact Pam Farahani  Pam Farahani Special Education Teacher/Case Manager/Department Chair
Contact Linda Ficenec  Linda Ficenec Textbook Clerk
Contact Cheryl Yee Glass  Cheryl Yee Glass (925) 552-3044 Band Teacher/Attendance TSA
Contact Debra Gliozzi  Debra Gliozzi (925) 552-3772 Math Teacher
Contact Echo Hamilton  Echo Hamilton Social Studies Teacher
Contact Olivia Hanley  Olivia Hanley Assistant Principal (last names A-Ge)
Contact Katie Henderson  Katie Henderson Science Teacher/ Science TSA
Contact Eric Henze  Eric Henze Math Teacher
Contact Geraldine Herron  Geraldine Herron Spanish Teacher
Contact Savannah Heupel  Savannah Heupel Math Teacher
Contact Hillary Hobbs  Hillary Hobbs Social Studies Teacher/ Department Chair
Contact Randolph Hodge  Randolph Hodge Computer Science/Math Teacher
Contact Allison Holliday  Allison Holliday Social Studies Teacher
Contact Paul Horvath  Paul Horvath Social Studies Teacher
Contact Carolyn Hunt  Carolyn Hunt Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Kelley Isom  Kelley Isom English Teacher
Contact Olivia Isseks  Olivia Isseks Counselor (last names IP-Nar)
Contact Nicholas Jackson  Nicholas Jackson English Teacher
Contact Steve Johnson  Steve Johnson English Teacher
Contact Wendy Johnson  Wendy Johnson Science Teacher
Contact Shirin Kamal  Shirin Kamal Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Jason Krolikowski  Jason Krolikowski Principal
Contact Jon Leach  Jon Leach Science Teacher
Contact Jayne Lecky  Jayne Lecky Teacher
Contact Benjamin Lee  Benjamin Lee Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Rebecca Lee  Rebecca Lee Math Teacher
Contact Jenifer Levy-Wendt  Jenifer Levy-Wendt Counselor (last names A-DAU)
Contact Sami Libby  Sami Libby (925) 389-0421 PE Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Giana Lillig  Giana Lillig Teacher
Contact Kristen Maio  Kristen Maio English Teacher
Contact Lucien Martin  Lucien Martin English Teacher
Contact Thomas Martin-Edwards  Thomas Martin-Edwards Assistant Principal (last names Oc-Z)
Contact Lisa McClun  Lisa McClun School Psychologist
Contact Traci McMullen  Traci McMullen English Teacher/Department Co-Chair
Contact Eric Melvin  Eric Melvin Social Studies Teacher
Contact Cara Miller  Cara Miller School Psychologist
Contact Nicholas Meyer  Nicholas Meyer Math Teacher
Contact Lauren Milani  Lauren Milani Science Teacher
Contact Liam Moran  Liam Moran Science Teacher
Contact Janet Muirragui  Janet Muirragui Computer Science Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Barbara Murray  Barbara Murray Registrar
Contact Tracey Naritomi  Tracey Naritomi Culinary Teacher
Contact Kyle Nash  Kyle Nash Theater Teacher
Contact Shannon Neach  Shannon Neach PE/Freshman Leadership Teacher
Contact Brant Nishida  Brant Nishida Director of Instrumental Music
Contact Greg Ochs  Greg Ochs PE Teacher
Contact Jillian Orozco  Jillian Orozco English/Yearbook Teacher
Contact Merian Purcell  Merian Purcell Spanish Teacher
Contact Christina Riley  Christina Riley Counselor Technician, Sys Admin
Contact Jessica Ringwood  Jessica Ringwood Teacher Librarian
Contact Matthew Robison  Matthew Robison Science Teacher
Contact Meghan Rossi  Meghan Rossi English Teacher
Contact Suzanne Rowell  Suzanne Rowell French Teacher
Contact Alicia Salge  Alicia Salge Science Teacher
Contact David Santos  David Santos Math Teacher
Contact Peter Scarpelli  Peter Scarpelli Athletic Director
Contact Stephanie Schafer  Stephanie Schafer Health/PE Teacher
Contact Bonnie Schar  Bonnie Schar Sports Medicine Teacher
Contact Jill Schratz  Jill Schratz College and Career Coordinator
Contact Cindi Sekera  Cindi Sekera Career IT/Computer/CollegeConnect/iQuest Teacher
Contact Dana Shaffer  Dana Shaffer English Teacher/Department Co-Chair
Contact Mark Slanec  Mark Slanec Auto shop/English Teacher
Contact Alison Speckels  Alison Speckels Spanish Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Matthew Stephens  Matthew Stephens Social Studies Teacher
Contact Tim Stevens  Tim Stevens Social Studies Teacher
Contact Craig Stowers  Craig Stowers Math Teacher
Contact Julianna Swent  Julianna Swent Spanish Teacher
Contact Trish Theobald  Trish Theobald (925) 552-3031 ex: 28831 Facilities/Testing/Volunteer Coordinator
Contact Marvl Thomas  Marvl Thomas Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Anthony Tovani  Anthony Tovani Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Contact Kimberley Tretten  Kimberley Tretten Science Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Robin Velasquez  Robin Velasquez Spanish Teacher
Contact Steve Wallace  Steve Wallace Math Teacher
Contact Joan Ward  Joan Ward (925) 552-3050 Physical Education Teacher
Contact Erika Weisenberg  Erika Weisenberg Teacher
Contact Janet Willford  Janet Willford Leadership Teacher/ Activities Director
Contact Andrew Williams  Andrew Williams Art Teacher
Contact Susan Wilson  Susan Wilson Special Education Para
Contact Cheryl Wurnitsch  Cheryl Wurnitsch Counseling Secretary, Sys Admin