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Attendance Policy



San Ramon Valley High


*** NOTICE FOR 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR: There is no longer a designated Full Day Line. The Full Day & Partial Day lines have now been combined. Please use the directory on the right to determine which Attendance Secretary to report the absence(s) too. Please clarify when calling if the absence if a Full Day or Partial Day Absence.


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to verify an absence within two school days. Absences must be cleared within two days otherwise the absence will become a cut and the student is at the risk of receiving consequences. California's compulsory education laws require children to attend school, with a limited number of specified exceptions. Under state law, a pupil who is tardy or absent for more than 30 minutes during the school day on three occasions in one school year, is considered truant. Parents are also encouraged to check their student’s attendance regularly by accessing Infinite Campus Parent Portal or School Loop.


Automated phone calls, emails, and/or text messages for all unverified or uncleared absences will be sent home to the primary parent/guardian every day at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. As a safety measure, you will receive notification until your student signs in at the attendance office. If you have already called to report your student's late arrival, you may disregard the message/email.


Students must ALWAYS sign in and out in the Attendance Office for partial day absences, even if a parent has called in. This is our only way of knowing when the student actually arrives and/or leaves campus. Students who leave school and do not sign out and/or arrive to school and do not sign in will be marked as cut for the periods that they miss (or are late to) and will be subject to disciplinary action. Parents cannot clear these cuts. This is a safety policy that is strictly enforced and is outlined in the student handbook. NO EXCEPTIONS.


A parent/ guardian must call (email/ handwritten notes not accepted) the attendance line the night before or the morning of the absence. Please clarify whether the absence is a full day or partial day. If a call to clear the absence has not been received within two school days, the absence will result in a cut. Please use the directory on the right to determine which Attendance Secretary to report the absence to. Please include the following information:

  • Clarify whether Full Day or Partial Day

  • Date(s) and/or the time your student will be leaving early and/or arriving late.

  • Student's legal name (no nicknames)

  • Grade

  • Your name and relationship

  • Reason for the absence (failure to provide a reason results in the absence being marked unexcused)

  • Arriving late:

    • Students must always sign in at the front office upon arrival before going to class. Failure to do so will result in a cut.

    • Students whose late arrival results in missing one or more entire periods must have a parent call attendance line to clear the absence within two school days or it will result in a cut.

  • Leaving early: We will not call students out of class to leave early.  

    • Parents must call the attendance line before 9:00 a.m. Please provide the time the student will be leaving campus, along with the information requested above.

    • Students must obtain an OFF CAMPUS PASS in the attendance office either before school, during brunch, during lunch, or passing periods.

    • When leaving, students are required to show the pass to the teacher and must sign out at the attendance office. Students are not permitted to leave their classroom or campus without a pass, such actions will result in a cut.

  • Leaving Ill During Class:

    • If a student becomes ill while at school (not feeling well, migraine, sick, etc.), he/she must report to the nurse or attendance office. If the nurse or attendance office determines the student should be sent home, the parents will be notified. A student may not be released unless a parent or guardian has been contacted.  Students will only be released to the parent or guardian.


Tardy - Students who are not in the classroom when the bell rings are considered tardy and are required to sign in at the Attendance Office to receive a tardy slip. Chronic tardiness results in progressive disciplinary action.

Truancy (Cut) includes:

  • Students who do not attend their class (absent without permission)

  • Parent/guardian has not contacted the Attendance Office to report a student's absence within two school days.

  • Students do not sign in when arriving late or sign out when leaving early (regardless if a parent has called)

  • Students who leave class without permission or without a valid pass

Students marked as cut may receive progressive disciplinary action.


  • All unverified absences not cleared (reported by parent/guardian) within two school days are considered illegal absences (cuts) and subject to disciplinary action.

  • Students attempting to clear their own absences will be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Students who believe they were marked absent in error are to pick up a Teacher Absence Clear form in the Attendance Office within two school days to give to the teacher. The teacher will correct any errors by submitting a correction to the Attendance Office.


  1. Personal illness - Each student is permitted 10 personal illness days for the school year (Each partial day absence due to illness is calculated as 1 day). If there is a use of over 5 consecutive days of illness, a doctor’s note is required. After exceeding 10 days of illness within the school year, a Chronic Illness Form or a doctor’s note is required. Please refer to “Excessive Illness” section.

  2. Medical Appointments with Documentation (doctor, dentist, orthodontist, chiropractor, therapy, etc.) - Students are strongly urged to make appointments during non-school hours (doctor note required and must be received within two school days to be excused).

  3. Attending funeral services of an immediate family member (grandparents, parents, sibling)

  4. Court appearances

  5. Exclusion for not having been properly immunized; these absences will not be excused for more than 5 days

  6. Approved Independent Study (*See explanation of independent study)

  7. Religious -Holiday/ Ceremony/ Instruction/ Retreat (religious retreat not to exceed 4 hrs per semester (Ed. Code 48205). 

  8. Any pupil who is a dependent of military personnel shall be granted up to 5 days of excused absence or independent study when the parent is either deployed or returning from a deployment.

  9. College Visits with Documentation - Students are permitted a 1 day absence for  college visits in-state with a letter of confirmation from the college or 2 a day absence for a college visit out of state with a letter of confirmation from the college. Any days in excess of this policy will be marked unexcused.

(For additional information regarding excused absences, see GAMUT Online )


Parents/Guardians that report absences for unexcused reasons, as determined by California Education Code, are subject to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) process. Listed below are some of the most common reasons given for unexcused absences:

  1. Personal/personal business

  2. Family vacations /extended weekend trips

  3. non-school related sport events/ competitions/ tournaments

  4. Car trouble/ traffic/carpool issues

  5. Oversleeping

  6. Any reason not listed under excused absences


An administrator or designee may call a parent conference for each student when the student has accumulated ten (10) days of consecutive OR intermittent absences due to illness. (Each partial day absence is calculated as 1 day). After the 10th day of illness, a Chronic Illness form must be submitted to the School Nurse, Kathy Rooney. Without a Chronic Illness form on file, a medical note for each subsequent absence due to illness will be required to mark the absence as excused. Failure to provide a medical note will result in the absence being unexcused. (BP 5113.1, AR 5113.1)


Any classes missed outside of the testing time will be unexcused. Students are required to attend school before and after an AP test. In order for your student's absence during the AP test to be considered excused and marked accordingly (ACT, Activity) they must be present in the class following a morning AP exam or present in class before their afternoon AP exam.


The Independent Study program is available to students who must leave school for 5 or more consecutive school days (AR 6158). This program provides students with the opportunity to maintain their grades and credits for their classes. To request an Independent Study Contract, a parent/guardian must contact the Attendance Office 3-5 days in advance for a 5-day absence, and 5-7 days in advance for an absence of more than 5 days. The contract must be approved by the Principal or his/her designee. The Principal's signature is required PRIOR to the beginning of the Independent Study. Students must turn in all completed work on the return date listed on the Independent Study Contract. Please attach the completed work to the Independent Study sheets. directly to the Attendance Office Note: Board Policy does not allow for Independent Study Contracts exceeding 20 days (AR 6158)