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Work Permits, Jobs, Volunteering, Internships

All high school students need active work permits, regardless of age (even 18 year olds!) 


From March 16 to June 5, 2020, please email your completed work permit request (signed by both your parent and your employer) to Mrs. Schratz, for processing.  

After June 5, 2020, please email your completed work permit request form to Ms. Burrows (  in the SRVUSD office for processing.  Be sure that your parent and your employer have signed the form!  Ms. Burrows will email the completed permit back to you.


During the school year - Pick up a work permit request form in the C&CC (or click link below).  A work permit application is to be completed once you have a job. When the form is completely filled out by you, your employer (with signature), and signed by your parent, bring it to the C&CC and we will provide you with an "official work permit" to provide your employer which they keep on file. Typically work permits are processed within 24 hrs. Note:  Please do not go to the district office to obtain a work permit during the school year.  They must be issued by the high school where the student attends if school is in session.

During the summer:  Requesting Summer Work Permits (after June 6)- SRVUSD Work Permit office hours 9:00a-1:00p M-F. If you need a summer work permit processed after June 6, take your fully completed work permit worksheet and ID to Educational Services (Bldg B) at the District Office, 699 Old Orchard Drive in Danville. It’s located on the northwest corner of the Sycamore Valley Road and Old Orchard Drive intersection.

District Website for Work permit information and to download a work permit worksheet/request form, go to: 


JOBS:  During COVID-19, students are getting jobs at Trader Joes, Target, Sprouts!  Check out other grocery stores and essential businesses to learn if they need help! 



Volunteering: Colleges want high school students to learn as much as they can both inside and outside of the classroom. Explore options to volunteer in your community to benefit others by sharing your talents and/or possibly learning something new! Many organizations have ongoing programs. See links below for possible volunteer opportunities. 

  • Looking to volunteer? Check out our two local area volunteer programs through the Town of Danville and the City of San Ramon!) Link to  Danville and San Ramon:    Also, many other organizations look for student volunteers.  Ask around!  
  • Hospital volunteering.  SRV works with John Muir and San Ramon Medical Volunteer coordinators to fill their high school volunteer positions as needed.  Many other hospitals have varied volunteer programs and needs that change from year to year.  Students should reach out directly to area hospitals to ask about their programs and how/when to apply.  
    •  John Muir  (WC) recruits 2-4 students in Aug/Sept and in Jan/Feb.  10th and 11th may apply for fall spots; 9th, 10th and 11th may apply for spring spots.  In fall 2019, J. Muir cancelled their fall program due to a transition in hospital personnel. 
    • San Ramon Regional Medical Center recruits 2-3 high school students once a year, typically in May.  9th and 10th graders may apply; they do not accept juniors. 
    • For both programs there is intense training and a mandatory orientation, and each program requires students to commit for a 3 hour shift, year round once selected, until they graduate from high school.
    • The College & Career Center posts these programs on School Loop when the hospital reaches out asking for volunteers.  (COVID-19 update:  SRRMC program recruiting is delayed until Aug. 2020)
  • Town of Danville Volunteering:  The town of Danville has a robust volunteer program for high school students.  See their website to learn more!  

Internships are great ways to investigate different types of careers. Some are paid, and some are volunteer. Use this link to explore a list provided by a Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.  The internship URL's listed are for nationwide opportunities, including California and beyond!  Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a full listing of types of opportunities available.  

Jobs (when school is in session): Stop by and peruse or job board (located near Attendance) for job opportunities made available by local merchants and community members. We also post many of the openings on school loop as they come in during the school year.