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Community College


Seniors:  Remember that you may apply to and enroll at any CA Community College.  We at SRVHS work directly with DVC and Las Positas admissions to enable you early enrollment=early course registration, so their information is posted below.  For all others, go directly to their website for enrollment instructions.


  • DVC Graduating Senior Applicants:  See updated application information on the DVC website link specifically for high school grads.  Download the check list and the enrollment steps.   Complete all of their enrollment steps, by May 1 to gain priority course registration (which begins May 9).  
  • If you are currently receiving academic accommodations at SRVHS and are planning to enroll at DVC, be sure you download the appropriate application packet (DVC/DSS), as the instructions are a bit different.  


  • It is strongly encouraged that you complete their 6-step application process prior to April 1, 2020 to obtain early course registration.  You may still apply after April 1, but will not qualify for early course registration, and will receive your course registration date as soon as you complete their enrollment steps.


If you are planning on attending DVC or another community college in California you complete your community college application in the winter/spring of your senior year. Many community colleges, including DVC and Las Positas offer early admissions and class registration opportunities for graduating seniors who complete some required steps. These steps will be outlined on their websites beginning in mid to late January. Graduating seniors may need to take placement tests for Math and English, or may be able to meet those requirements in other ways.  Each college will provide that information on their website as the process can vary.  

Seniors should stop by the College Career Center in Jan/Feb to pick up registration packet(s)  which includes all of the necessary application information for either DVC or Las Positas. Graduating seniors are asked to follow a procedure whereby they apply to the community college campus, prove that they meet math and English assessment requirements, and complete an orientation, etc., in order to receive a priority course registration date for that college.  

To apply to ANY California Community College go to: to start your application. 

Both DVC and Las Positas visit the SRVHS College and Career Center in Jan/Feb and provide detailed information regarding their respective application processes. These visits will be posted on Naviance and on School Loop.

If you know you might want to transfer to a 4 year college/university, and wonder what courses may transfer, check out these helpful websites:


If you are taking a community college course, you are responsible to send the community college transcript to a 4 year college to which you are applying in senior year, if the college requires an official transcript!  SRVHS cannot send community college transcripts.  Note that some colleges will accept self reported coursework and grades during the application time frame, but 100% of the time they will require an official FINAL transcript from all institutions where a student has enrolled/attended.

Link to District website for information on the PLI (Personal Learning Initiative).  On this page you will learn about the PLI program and about the procedure for taking Non-District courses at other institutions while in high school.  PLI web link