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How to Research and Prepare for Careers in the Military

Military Academy and ROTC Options


Graduating Seniors may choose to enlist in a branch of the military, enroll in an ROTC program while going to college or enroll at one of the 4 military Academies (West Point - Army, Annapolis - Navy & Marines, Coast Guard Academy or the Air Force Academy in Ft. Collins, CO.)  Each option has its own set of enrollment procedures.  We suggest you "do your homework" and learn the process and the timeline for the one(s) in which you are most interested.  If you have questions, please stop by the College and Career Center and we will assist you in your search for information.  Also, we have listed our most up to date contacts for each branch of the military.  They welcome your inquiries.


Academy admissions is VERY competitive and typically requires a nomination from a local assembly person, a senator or the Vice President of the US.  Read Senator D. Feinstein's webpage for an example of how a student might request a nomination.  

Learn about all Military Academies and Prep Schools.

Learn about your options in all branches of the the Military.

Military Academy and ROTC Options----Helpful Websites for Research (click on the links)

Congressional Nominations for the Military Academy: Contra Costa County   

Army ROTC and Academy

West Point 

  • SRVHS Contact- Christopher Thompson: 

Navy ROTC and Naval Academy

Marines ROTC

Air Force ROTC or  Air Force Academy

National Guard


Unlike other Service branches, the Coast Guard does not have an ROTC program. However, high school seniors, college and vocational students between the ages of 17 and 31 can enroll in Coast Guard Split Training. Enlistees train for two summers and serve one weekend a month during the school year. Schooling continues uninterrupted. They receive pay for their weekend service and, after training is complete, begin Reserve duty. For more information, contact a recruiter.

List of ROTC Schools by State

Application checklist for a Military Academy is available in College & Career Center.

SRVHS Campus Visits:  Watch the announcements in School Loop and posted on Naviance/College Visits to sign up to learn about each branch of the military and their associated Academies.  Also, we typically host a Military Day in the spring, where we  invite all branches to be represented.