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COVID-19 Updates for College Bound Students



SENIORS:  Be sure to stay "in the know" regarding the colleges where you have been admitted or waitlisted.  These are unprecedented times and colleges are communicating new information to potential (and current) students on a very timely basis.  Many had May 1 Decision days, but some have postponed their decision dates to mid-late May.  Check each college where you were admitted if you are still undecided,  to be sure you are meeting all of their deadlines for submitting an intent to register (SIR).  Reach out to the college admissions if you need to have a longer decision time, or need financial reconsideration.  

ALL STUDENTS:  We post on School Loop News daily, so check there as well for timely information re: college planning and more!

Seniors-Community College Applications:  Be sure to complete the application processes NOW for DVC and/or Las Positas if you think you may attend in summer or fall.   See school loop for instructions.

Juniors-SAT & ACT testing:  Stay informed regarding updates to SAT and ACT testing.  Test administration dates have been updated and the testing websites are your best resources!  Click on links below for updates and access to FREE test prep resources!  

AP Tests:  Your AP teacher is the best resource for these tests!  But, be sure to read your email updates from College Board regarding the changes to AP testing.  Also, click on the link below to view AP updates provided by College Board.

UC Updates:  UCs will continue to update their admissions guidelines for Class of 2021 and beyond, at the link below.  Be sure to check it often.  

CSU Updates:   CSU campuses will be offering remote learning for fall 2020.  Campuses will not be offering any on campus courses during this semester.  Link to CSU FAQ's.  

College Sports:  Depending on the college you are considering, they could be a member of the NCAA or the NAIA. See the links below for important eligibility center updates.  



Below we will links to websites referenced above, as well as a sample of links sent to us by colleges, etc.  The college links represent a sample of the communications we are receiving, but ALL colleges are posting updates on their websites.  Be sure to check their websites often to see the latest in virtual tools!