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Wolf Pack Weekly - Current Week


WEEK OF May 12, 2019 

College & Career Center Hours
M-TH: 8:45am to 3:30pm; Fri:  Closed

Drop-in hours for students: brunch, lunch, after-school.

CALENDAR: (details on School Loop and/or Naviance)

We are open during brunch, lunch and after school for drop in students or for them to set up meetings with us.  Parents: please email us if you have questions.



(Sponsored and coordinated by SRVHS Academic Boosters).  These opportunities are complete for this year.  The 2019-20 test prep calendar will be posted soon. Watch the website for updates.

SAT and ACT Testing

  • See the testing organization's website for upcoming test dates.  Students must sign up directly on their websites. Stop by the C&CC to borrow test prep books.  


  • KEEP UP YOUR GRADES.... Senior year grades DO matter to colleges! 

  • Stop by the C & CC to pick up a Dorm packing list and to see our pennant map to learn where your fellow class of 2019 will be heading in the fall!  

  • If you were unable to complete your Senior Graduation Survey in your homeroom on May 7, please be sure to log into your Naviance account and complete it NOW.  Be sure to indicate (in this survey)that you would like to have your final transcript sent to the college where you plan to attend in fall.  To get to the survey, log into your Naviance account, click on "about me" then "my surveys", then "surveys not started".  

  • Community College?  Stop by the College & Career Center to pick up a registration packet for DVC ( or Las Positas ( .  Or go directly to any other community college's website to learn their application/registration procedures. You can apply to any CA community college NOW!  

  • Senior Awards & Scholarship Recognition Ceremony is May 22. ,Invited seniors and their parents have received invitations. Please remember to RSVP.

Scholarships for Seniors 

  • These are dwindling in number, but see Naviance for the ones we know are still available!!!  (Click on: Colleges/ Scholarships & Money/Scholarship List from the Naviance home page) to see the current list.
  • May 8 - SRVHS College information for Parents of the Class of 2020 - Thank you for attending...we hope you found the presentation by Mrs. Conti and our class of 2018 alumni representative, now attending American University, to be informative.  Please remember to check with your junior student regarding the college planning/Naviance workshop they had in their English classes in mid-April as they logged in, and explored many of the college search/application tools on that day.  The power point presentation from this event will be posted on the Counseling and College and Career Center pages later this week.
  • If you need help accessing your Naviance account, please email us in the C & CC with your student's name and your full name, so we can reset/initiate your access.



Our job/volunteer board is full!  Stop by and check it out (near Attendance)!   


Stop by and peruse our growing basket of brochures!   Also, use the internet to search for summer programs offered on college campuses. MANY colleges host summer programs for high school students! See school loop for details on these programs and more.......

  • NEW:  Summer Internship Opportunity at Clorox in Pleasanton for Sophomores or Juniors.  See School Loop posting for details!  Apply by May 21! Internship is from June 17-July 12.  

  • DVC offers some VERY INTERESTING High School Career Academies for students interested in Business, Engineering, Health Sciences and more.  Go to DVC's Career Academies webpage for information.  

  • DVC Summer catalog is available on their website.  

  • New Cyber Security Summer Academy at DVC (see school loop posting)


Parents/Students:  Need help logging into Naviance?  Please contact one of us or your student's counselor for assistance. We are happy to help you each get access to this valuable college/career search and college application support program.  


  • WEBSITE: Our SRVHS College & Career Center website is packed with important information for students and parents. Please visit our website frequently for updates:
  • SCHOOLLOOP: Be sure to view the Schoolloop portal for more details on these announcements and more. We post to the Schoolloop portal daily and update timely information as we receive it.

C&CC Advisors: 


The SRVHS College and Career Center is generously funded by your donations to Academic Boosters and we appreciate your support!