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University of CA (UC) & CA State University (CSU)

UNiversity of CA (UC)

There are 9 UC's open to undergraduate study; UCSF is for graduates only.  

  • Admission to each UC campus is holistic/comprehensive, and all campuses consider the same 14 criteria.
  • The minimum GPA of 3.0 in college prep courses (A-G) in the 10th-12th grade is required.  11 of the 15 required courses must be completed prior to senior year.
  • Applications must be filed between Nov. 1 and Nov. 30 of senior year, but the application opens up Aug. 1.
  • Test scores (ACT or SAT) must be submitted from the testing agency to ONE UC college and it will be shared with the others.  (class of 2021 is not required to provide test scores due to COVID-19 issues.
  • Applicants must complete 4 of 8 Personal Insight questions. 
  • Extra-Curricular activities, honors are reported to the UC in their application.
  • No letter of recommendation is required at the time of application.
  • Housing is guaranteed on most campuses; but students need to apply.  See websites for details.

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There are 23 CSU campuses and most give priority admission to their defined regional area.  SRV's local area CSU is Cal State East Bay in Hayward.

  • Admissions to each CSU campus is determined by each campus and generally uses an eligibility index formula of GPA/Test Scores.
  • Minimum GPA is 2.0 in college prep classes as defined by the UC. 
  • SAT or ACT are required, w/o the essay portion (for class of 2021, this requirement has been waived.)  Scores need to be submitted by the testing agency (as requested by the student)
    • The higher your GPA, the lower the test score needs to be.
  • Applications are submitted Oct. 1-Dec. 4, 2020
  • Housing should be requested per the timeline set by the CSU.  Some are sure to check!
  • Students should check individual campus websites for particular major specific or other guidelines.  For example, Cal Poly SLO has some different requirements than other CSUs.

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