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Post High School Alternatives

Gap and Bridge Years & More

Have you considered taking a GAP or Bridge year after high school?  Wondering what that is?  Why you might consider it as a post high school option?  Check out this article from the NY Times as a place to start!  There are some informative links from this article as well.


What should you ask when considering a GAP/BRIDGE year?  Check out this article from the US News website is:  as a great starting point for students (and families) as they explore the idea of a GAP or BRIDGE year.

GAP YEAR FAIRS:  These are offered in January/February and are a great way to learn about the different types of programs available for semester, year long and summer programs.  Go to: to learn more.

For a list of many GAP & BRIDGE YEAR programs go to:  As you will notice, the duration, cost and focus varies within each program.  Do your homework to learn what is available! 


The SRVHS College and Career Center collects materials from various GAP and BRIDGE Year programs...stop by and take a look at our resources.   We love to learn about new programs, so please share your feedback by emailing me at