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Extended Absences & Independent Study Contracts

EXCESSIVE ILLNESS:  An administrator or designee may call a parent conference for each student when the student has accumulated ten (10) absences due to illness. After the 10th absence, a Chronic Illness form must be obtained from and submitted to the School Nurse, Tracy Fernandez at  Without a Chronic Illness form on file, a medical note for each subsequent absence due to illness will be required to mark the absence as being excused. Failure to provide a medical note will result in the absence being unexcused. (SRVUSD District Board Policy and Administrative Regulations BP 5113.1, AR 5113.1)  


INDEPENDENT STUDY:  To request an Independent Study Contract, a parent/guardian must submit a completed form to the Attendance Office.  Click here for an Independent Study Request Form. The Independent Study program is available to students who must leave school for 5 or more consecutive school days (AR 6158). This program provides students with the opportunity to maintain their grades and credits for their classes.

  • 5-10 day independent study contract: Must request at least three days in advance
  • 11+ day independent study contract: Must request and contact principal five to ten days in advance


Missing the last days of 2020-2021...

Students should be in attendance through the last day of school, June 3, 2021, to maintain their enrollment status at their current school. Independent study contracts will not be issued during the last 10 days of school. All independent study contract work must be finished and submitted by May 19, 2021, in order for work to be graded and attendance to be recorded.  Click here for more information.