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Club Requirements, Meeting and Hours Tracker

1) Mandatory Monthly Meeting Attendance:

All members are required to watch pre-recorded meetings that will be posted on google classroom. Meetings will be the first Tuesday of the month and will have until Friday (3 days) to view it. If you do miss the meeting, submit this form no later than the following Tuesday

With every meeting absence, students must complete 1 extra hour of community service on top of the club requirement. If you miss more than two meetings, you will be dropped from the club with no refund.

Make sure to join our remind so you don't forget about meetings!


To Check Your Meeting Attendance Here:

Check your meeting attendance here:


2) Volunteer Requirements:

Active Point Requirement: Members must volunteer a minimum of 12 hours (= 12 “active points”) during the summer before school starts + school year.  We feel this requirement is super achievable. These active points must be achieved through volunteering to help someone in need * You may volunteer on your own as long as you are doing something to help others in need *

* At least 2 events that you participate in must be with our PTH club through a Sign Up Genius invitation.

* We will no longer count volunteer activities completed for other clubs such as NCL and Boys Charity

All hours must be received by : 1st semester hours MUST be received by 12/31/20, 2nd semester hours MUST be received by 4/15/2021 in order to count.

Teens are responsible for checking the volunteer tracker to make sure PTH Hours entered correctly.  Please note that it takes us up to 2 weeks to update the event tracker after an event.  At the end of each semester we will add in your volunteer hours that you submit for activities outside PTH.  You can check the volunteer tracker here

Check Volunteer Tracker Here:


3) Club Dues:

* Club dues are $25: dues help fund activities that cost money


Service Awards:  twice per year we give service awards to the club members that have participated most with actual PTH sponsored events.  Only active point hours volunteered through the PTH club (via Sign Up Genius invitations) count towards these awards.


4) Join Remind: Click here to join Remind if you have not signed up to receive Remind reminders for monthly meetings..... : 

Join Remind Here:


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