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Social Science

Welcome to the Social Studies Department!
Here are our core courses:
World Geography
World History
AP Euro. History
US History
AP US History
Government: We the People
AP Am. Gov.
AP Economics
AP Comp Gov.

In addition we offer a number of elective courses:
AP Psychology
AP Human Geography ***New for 2015-16***
California History ****New for 2015-16***
Women in American History ***New for 2015-16***
Staff Directory
Contact Paul Aburrow  Paul Aburrow Economics Teacher
Contact Don Busboom  Don Busboom Social Studies Teacher/Soccer Coach
Contact Jessica Carvalheira  Jessica Carvalheira Social Studies Teacher
Contact Jeffrey Davis  Jeffrey Davis Social Studies Teacher
Contact Echo Hamilton  Echo Hamilton Social Studies Teacher
Contact Lisa Hammerson-Armerding  Lisa Hammerson-Armerding Teacher
Contact Hillary Hobbs  Hillary Hobbs Social Studies Teacher/ Department Chair
Contact Allison Holliday  Allison Holliday Social Studies Teacher
Contact Paul Horvath  Paul Horvath Social Studies Teacher
Contact Eric Melvin  Eric Melvin Social Studies Teacher
Contact Charles O'Connor  Charles O'Connor Teacher
Contact Dave Seabury  Dave Seabury (925) 552-3000 Teacher
Contact Matthew Stephens  Matthew Stephens Social Studies Teacher
Contact Tim Stevens  Tim Stevens Social Studies Teacher